Dana leverages its global expertise from all markets to engineer the most advanced, customized product solutions for customers in both developed and emerging markets.
The range of transmissions and axle can handle from 50 till 1.000hp.
The most common one-piece transmissions are 16000, 18000, 24000, 32000, 34000, 36000, 40000, TE10000, TE27000 but there are also single transmission 4000, 5000, 6000 and 8000 series that use remote torque converters like C270, C5000, C8000 and C9000.

You will find all these in many construction equipment machines like Volvo, Terex, Sandvik, Toro, GHH, Atlas Copco, Michigan etc but also in all terrain cranes like Liebherr, Faun, Demag, Tadano etc.

For more than 100 years, Allison Transmission has continuously discovered new ways to make work easier and more efficient. Through its commitment to quality it is the largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems for commercial duty vehicles.
Allison transmissions can be found at work in cities and rural areas all around the world in a wide variety of applications. From refuse and distribution to mining and school buses – if the job needs to get done, customers count on Allison.

You will find theses in many construction equipment machines like Volvo, Terex, Faun, Astra, Euclid, Hitachi etc. but also in all terrain cranes like Liebherr, Faun, tadano, Demag, Terex, Krupp etc.

Volvo CE mainly use transmissions and axles designed and manufactured by their own factory. Whether it is a wheel loader, a grader or a dump truck, Volvo powertrain is there.

Most common models are HT90, HT130, HT200, HTE110, HTE120, THE300, HTE400, PT1662, PT1862, PT1863, PT2509, PT2519 etc..
Whatever machine you have, L70, L90, l120, L150, L180, L220, L330, A20, A25, A30, A35, A40, G970, G990 etc we can find a solution for you.

In the field of construction machinery, ZF is one of the technology and innovation leaders worldwide. The developers' focus in this field is on reducing consumption and emissions, increasing productivity, driving comfort and safety as well as increasing the ease of operation and reducing noise. As a systems supplier, ZF concentrates on the drive as a whole and combines axles and transmissions with advanced software functions.
Most common models for us are HP500, HP600, 6WG201, 6WG200, 4WG65, 4WG120, 4WG150, 4WG180, 4WG250, 4WG260, 4WG210.

You will find these in construction equipment machines like Terex, Moxy, Hyundai, Doosan, Volvo etc. but also in all terrain cranes like Liebherr, Faun, Demag etc.